• CBD Coffee - Whole Beans 200g
  • Premium CBD Coffee - Whole Beans - 200g
  • Premium CBD Coffee - Whole Beans - 200g

Premium CBD Coffee - Whole Beans - 200g

Please note: This product is Whole Beans, you'll need a grinder to prepare them yourself. If you don't have one, then our pre grinded coffee is for you!

Premium CBD Coffee

A brand new addition to our CBD offerings for the Summer of 2020,  you've tried and you've loved our Oil's, now it's time for you to love our Infusion CBD Coffee!

Ethically Sourced Coffee 

Taking CBD oil in it's raw form isn't for everyone, that's why we're excited to now offer our same, high quality, premium CBD in Coffee form, infused with coffee beans from Tanzania.


Infused with CBD and a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Coffee beans naturally produce their own oil, making them an ideal target to infuse with full spectrum, CO2-extracted hemp oil.

We use full spectrum extract to ensure we include as much of the plant as possible. This helps to ensure that a wider-variety of cannabinoids and terpenoids are available for absorption by the body.

Vegan-friendly, organic and incredibly convenient, our CBD coffee is an entirely natural and great aid for providing a much needed energy boost to your day as well as getting a warming, feel good dose of CBD in a cup.

  • 10mg + of CBD per cup
  • 200mg of CBD per bag
  • Flavour tones of Nuts, berries and a subtle hemp aroma.
  • Tanzanian Coffee Beans
  • 100% vegan 
  • 100% organic and natural
  • Third party lab tested

How To Brew

Our preferred method for brewing any CBD infused coffees is using a cafetiere / french press.

  1. Add 10-15g of coffee per cup to your cafetiere.
  2. Simply add boiling water, stir and let brew for 3-4 minutes. 
  3. Finally push the plunger down gently, and then pour yourself a warming cup of coffee, full of CBD-rich full spectrum, plant extract. Easy. For added bonus points, snap a arty photo and post to Instagram!