How To Take Our CBD Oils

Dosage Advice 

Hi there!

Are you new to taking CBD oil? If so, then don't you worry, we are here to help guide you through the step by step process of simply consuming CBD. It's just like taking any other health supplement, but better and just as simple. Let us break down the dosages you should be taking depending on the strength of our oils and a step-by-step diagram on how to use the CBD oil drops. 

Daily Recommend Dosage 

When starting with our CBD oil drops, we recommend starting with 10mg total a day. You can increase your dose as of when required. Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dosage of 70mg CBD per day. 

How To Consume CBD Oil - Step 1
Shake the bottle well before use.
Step 2
Twist the sealed cap to open, then by gently pressing on the pipette - fill the pipette half full with CBD oil.  
Step 3
Tilt your head slightly back and lift up your tongue. 
Step 4 
Place your required amount of CBD drops underneath your tongue.
Step 5 
Hold the CBD drops for one to two minutes prior to swallowing (the longer you hold the CBD oil the more cannabinoids are being absorbed).  
See diagram below for the correct method:

Premium CBD Oil - 500mg

A daily dosage of 10ml gives you 2.5mg CBD per drop. This is equivalent to 4 drops total.


Premium CBD Oil - 1000mg

A daily dosage of 10ml gives you 5mg CBD per drop. This is equivalent to 2 drops total. 


Premium CBD Oil - 2000mg

A daily dosage of 10ml gives you 10mg CBD per drop. This is equivalent to 1 drop total.  


If you've any further questions then we are always here to help, please drop us an email to and we'll respond as quickly as we can.