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How Infusion CBD Rewards Work



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To join our generous reward program simply sign up

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Earn Stars

Earn 5 stars for every £1 you spend. You can

can also earn rewards in other ways




Redeem Stars

You can redeem every 100 stars

for a coupon worth £3 in the

my account section.




Here at Infusion CBD we are proud to offer a high quality service to match the quality of our CBD products. That is why we are now thrilled to provide our loyal customers with exclusive rewards through our CBD rewards program. Now you can experience the UK's number 1 CBD brand for less all year round. 
CBD Star Rewards is our way of giving back to all our loyal customers. Going forward you can now earn stars on each order you place with us. You can then exchange these stars for coupons to save money on each of your orders.

How To Earn CBD 

Reward Stars

Sign up for rewards
To sign up for our rewards program
simply sign up for an account & earn stars!
Earn as you buy
You will also be rewarded for each order you
place earning 5 stars for each £1 spend.

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