The news about CBD is spreading, fast. Both national and worldwide news is taking over about the potential benefits of using CBD and hemp-based products. Here are some of the places CBD Oil is talked about

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InfusionCBD launched in the UK in 2019 and we have quickly become one of the number one brands recognised for its premium CBD products.

We are based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, having our own shop in Whitley Bay, however, we cater to customers worldwide through our online store. Our CBD Oil and other CBD products are sourced and crafted with carefully selected marijuana (cannabis) plants, which we can guarantee have been hand-picked with the utmost care and under extreme supervision in California, USA. While our premium CBD oil may have the highest quality sourced CBD available, we still adhere to strict guidelines – which is why all of our products are completely THC free.

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I initially started with a 1000mg vile, on which I got a great introductory discount. I have used CBD Oils in the past, but off eBay and not the right quality of the product, so this made me think it was just a craze… I spent a month taking, and with training Thai Boxing 5+ times weekly, my goal for using CBD was to reduce my aching and soreness and speed my recovery time. I did a placebo test once my first vile ran out, and it is safe to say, I was not making it up in my head and I was genuinely benefiting and getting back to full form faster. My sleep was unbroken and consistent, though I never really have a problem with this. I found my appetite to be better, and I was eating more which compliments my weight gain goal. In short, I would recommend doing a test for yourself. Whether your feeling anxious, can’t sleep, sore and aching with pains, try for one month then step and see for yourself. I was a skeptic and now I’m a customer.
Russel Renton [Trustpilot]
I’ve recently gone through a very stressful time in my life. I exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and meditate daily. However I noticed anxiety was creeping in to my day, effecting my diet and training routine. I’d heard about CBD oil and it’s effectiveness treating a number of things, including anxiety. Furthermore after doing some research, there is quite a lot of evidence to support its effectiveness in treating a number of problems, anxiety included. I tried infusion CBD oil and after 3 days I noticed my physical symptoms of anxiety had diminished and my concentration was returning. After 1 week, the physical symptoms have gone and my training and daily routine is back to normal. I bought my first bottle from their shop when I was out and about, but have now ordered my next bottle from their website, which I’m looking forward to receiving.
Yianni [Trustpilot]
Great product and very friendly, knowledgeable staff. This has reduced my pain considerably and I will continue buying. Thanks
Dan Jury [Trustpilot]
Amazing products! Infusion CBD are my go to brand. Quick, reliable and great customer service. Would highly recommend.
Laura Oliver [Trustpilot]
I have been suffering with bad skin conditions and sleeping problems the past few years. I found Infusioncbd via instagram, and i can honestly say the service from me first messaging them and even after i have ordered from themselves, has been outstanding!! such a lovely team. The cbd oil and balm both work wonders! I have been using the balm for past couple of months now and i have seen nothing but improvement, hydrates amazingly. Since taking the oil i have been sleeping a solid 8hours sleep, which is so much more than what i was used to! 100% recommend this company to anyone.
Amber Stent [Trustpilot]
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